Retreat in India

“OM RETREATS” presents the


A Meditation and Enlightenment Retreat

21 September – 4 October, 2014.

Join an enlightening meditation retreat
in the Valley of Gods, India.

The OM Meditation Retreat will be the perfect opportunity for you to tap into your original, free and abundant self.

Retreat Description

Experience this extraordinary chance to meditate in the Himalayas with enlightened meditation yogis. Join us in meditation by the banks of the famous Vyaas river of northern India, where ancient yogi’s opened their inner eye and realized the oneness of consciousness, the source of freedom and delight.

Om Meditation retreat is a two-week immersion in Himalayan yogic lifestyle. Join us for only the first week and enjoy yoga, meditation and amazing adventures visiting mountain culture. Luxuriate in the new turkish baths and ayurvedic massage spas. Stay for both weeks and gain deep personal transformation and enlightenment. Live in a village and get to know the locals.

Learn wisdom from  teachers with decades of meditation practice. Be inspired to fully explore your original freedom and delight.

Get in touch with a deep awareness of peace in yourself and carry that with you at all times. The direct and true sense of ease and strength you find inside will support you to be your best, think your clearest, feel most powerful and know real happiness.


Explore original and authentic yogic techniques in a unique program carefully designed for this journey.

  • Gentle yoga stretches will calm, strengthen, and refresh your body.
  • Genuine lively philosophical discourses will open a forum for Self enquiry.
  • Guided meditations will more closely reveal your original space of inner peace, delight, and clarity.
  • Conscious breathing exercises will align and potentise your energy at your core.
  • Singing devotional songs (kirtan) will open your voice and heart to your divine self.
  • Through classical yoga, traditional meditation, enlightened spiritual discourses, and a welcoming atmosphere for exploring questions, you will not only discover the astonishing delights of the Himalayas, but you will also be on an authentic journey within yourself.


We invite you to share our favourite sacred locations in our home in the high western Himalayas.

  • Discover charming Himalayan villages.
  • Allow the magnificent views to draw your mind to contemplate the vastness of your being.
  • Experience the revitalizing energy of the high altitude air; Feed your body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn about ancient customs and philosophies and a culture steeped in tradition.
  • Experience the traditional culture of the farming tribal people.
  • Discover authentic Himalayan art, dance and music.
  • To end the journey, join in the traditional and authentic Dushera festival in the Valley of Gods and celebrate the richness of life’s colour.

Immerse yourself in Original Meditation, and rediscover a way of being that is beautiful, pure, and free.

  • Meditate at ancient Himalayan temples and experience a timeless stillness.
  • Meditate on high mountain-tops with expansive vistas of the majestic snow-caps.
  • Meditate by the Vyaas River, in the Valley of Gods, where sages have traditionally sought spiritual enlightenment.
  • Meditate on OM, the original primordial sound and source of being.
  • Benefit from the supportive group meditative atmosphere.
  • Understand and feel a deeper, genuine dimension of yourself.
  • Return to the source of you potential power and health.


Week 1: Join this week and have a fabulous and relaxing week-long meditation retreat in the Himalayas.

Location: We will stay at the Manuallaya Resort in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Situated above the town, this established resort has beautiful and expansive views overlooking the valley. It also has a fabulous new SPA! Enjoy Ayurvedic Massage; Turkish Baths; Relax with Ayurvedic beauty facials; Swim in the new pool. We’ll take day-trips to ancient temples and to Rohtang Pass – a 4000 metre pass leading over to the Tibetan plateau. We will walk in high-altitude pine forests, visit a waterfall and many other interesting day trips and adventures.

Study: This first week will include meditation, praanayam (conscious breathing practices) hatha yoga, kirtan (spiritual chanting), plus discourses and discussions on the fundamental principles of eastern philosophy to enhance your health, freedom and wellbeing.


 Week 2: Continue into the second week for deeper meditations, revelation of your true Self and profound spiritual experience.

Location: We will move to Naggar, a Himalayan village where the king of Kullu once lived. We will do hatha yoga on the balcony of the 500 year old stone castle, from where you see the magnificent view overlooking the valley. Naggar is an authentic mountain village and although the hotel is more basic than the Manali resort, you will feel more in touch with the local community. It is a perfect location for the more in-depth practice of the second part of our retreat. We will stay at the quaint and comfortable Naggar Delights Hotel. The surrounding areas are gorgeous: fruit orchards, fields of wheat, corn and rice, Himachali herders grazing their sheep, ancient temples, and historic villages.

Study: To truly experience the authentic lifestyle of a yogi, this week will be more concentrated with more silent meditations, in-depth philosophy studies and direct enlightenment experiences.


The weather in Kullu Valley: We’ve carefully chosen the perfect season for you to visit the Himalayas. The summer monsoons will be finished and the weather will be perfect, sunny, dry, and warm but not too hot. This is the very best time for mountain hiking as well. Enjoy lovely evenings on the rooftop overlooking the valley below.

Accommodation arrangement: There will be a ‘single-room supplement’ if you like a room not shared with one other person. Email us if you’d like to ask about this.

Locally you also can

  • Luxuriate in the new Ayurvedic deluxe spa and Turkish Baths at the Manuallaya resort.
  • Swim in the resort pool.
  • Pulse analysis and consultation by a Tibetan doctor
  • Pulse analysis and consultation by an Ayurvedic doctor
  • Schedule a personal consultation with Padma and/or Deep Shikha.
  • Visit the Tibetan community: temple, school and market and art school.
  • Shop for traditional Kullu shawls.

Specialty Classes included are

  • Sanskrit chanting of ancient mantras and stotrums.
  • Special class on the Sanskrit language.
  • Chanting and exploration of the Bhagavad Gita scripture of Yogic thought.
  • Yoga Psychology with focus workshops on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

After completing the retreat you’ll receive a certificate of “Completion of 78-hour Original Meditation Studies Program.”

*These hours will count towards credits in the Padma Meditation Teacher Training Program. See here for further details.

Rediscover your Original Power!

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