Television Guest Appearances

Meetings With Remarkable People on NTV, Canada’s SuperStation 2014

Episode #1

Meetings With Remarkable People: Padma (Marla Stewart) – Episode 1 from Stirling Studios on Vimeo.

Episode #2

Meetings With Remarkable People: Padma (Marla Stewart) – Episode 2 from Stirling Studios on Vimeo.


Episode #3

Meetings With Remarkable People: Padma (Marla Stewart) – Episode 3 from Stirling Studios on Vimeo.

P3: People, Places, Perspectives 2010

A nationally broadcast talk show hosted by Mark Randall and produced by S-VOX, Toronto, 2010,  this popular series interviews Canada’s fascinating people and places and explores the many perspectives that make up our world. In three episodes as a guest,  Padma reveals how we can find peace and spirituality right in our own hearts with just the smallest bit of time set aside for daily meditation. P3 airs on JOY TV in Vancouver and on ONE: Body, Mind, Spirit and Love channel across Canada.


A nationally broadcast series on alternative natural health and practitioners, produced by Creative Atlantic Productions, Nova Scotia, 2008. Padma is featured in three episodes as the Meditation Therapist. She works with a client who is suffering exzema from too much stress in her life. Padma offers meditation therapies plus meditation counseling to help the client recover from her stress-induced skin troubles.


The Living Vancouver series was produced by CBC in Vancouver, BC. In 2007, Padma is featured in a yoga class at CBC teaching “Workplace Yoga.” The host, Mark Lawrence, interviews Padma about the many benefits of having yoga classes offered at the workplace for all staff. Padma leads a class and some of the happy students offer encouragement for employers to have yoga classes offered in-house at work.


Padma is a special guest  in three episodes of the Flow Yoga series, produced in Vancouver, BC, by ChannelM in 2006. Padma describes the subtle technique of foundational poses, demonstrating MOUNTAIN and TREE poses plus explaining the meditational aspects of yoga.