Modern Meditations

The PADMA YOGA: MODERN MEDITATIONS television series is a healing series featuring therapeutic yoga and meditation remedies for challenges we face every day.

26 healing and helpful episodes. Padma shares her years of experience helping countless people get through and heal from a wide variety of daily situations.

The therapeutic challenges in the series are grouped together into five themes: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, FOCUS, MENTAL and SOCIAL.

“Yours is just the best. Your calm voice and your loving presence is remarkable.” Kathy

“I was introduced to Yoga by your show and was a faithful participant for a year or more. It changed my life and my feeling of well-being. I have never felt more energized or revitalized.” Lin W.


Episode 1. Overcoming Chronic Pain
Episode 2. Relieving Joint Pain
Episode 3. Improving Digestion
Episode 4. Losing Weight
Episode 5. Maintaining Balance


Episode 6. Freedom from Anxiety
Episode 7. Decreasing Hypertension
Episode 8. Overcoming Eating Disorders
Episode 9. Curing Anger
Episode 10. Overcoming Depression


Episode 11. Focusing a Scattered Mind
Episode 12. Adapting to Changes
Episode 13. Attaining a Goal
Episode 14. Stopping Incessant Worry
Episode 15. Performing Your Best


Episode 16. Living with Awareness
Episode 17. Not Feeling Overwhelmed
Episode 18. Facing Changes
Episode 19. Stopping Negative Self-Talk
Episode 20. Enjoying Satisfaction


Episode 21. Changing a Sedentary Lifestyle
Episode 22. Achieving Maximum Results
Episode 23. Having Patience
Episode 24. Building Self-Esteem
Episode 25. Staying Centered
Episode 26. Living with Freedom

“I have finally found what I was looking for. Gentle yoga poses, no pressure to be in a certain rhythm or specific routine of poses  and plenty of meditation.” Margaret 

This Each day Padma focuses on one of life’s challenge and offers classical hatha yoga poses and sequences, healing breathing techniques, meditation practices and Padma’s signature “Sanskrit Word of the Day,” that all help to alleviate the struggle. Padma Yoga expertly guides you towards full health, freedom and love.

The topic in each of the 26 episodes addresses a general challenge that people encounter in life, for example, frustration or life changes, and then identifies a specific example of each challenge, for example, parenting or loss of a job. Padma carefully selects specific yoga, breath exercises and meditations that directly remedy or help alleviate these troubles and support us in living a strong, healthy life with clarity and joy.

Each episode also features a SANSKRIT WORD OF THE DAY:

Episode 1. SANSKRIT- AATH, Now a Blessing
Episode 2. SANSKRIT- YOG, Spiritual Discipline
Episode 3. SANSKRIT- CHITTA, The Mind
Episode 4. SANSKRIT- VRITTI, Thoughts
Episode 5. SANSKRIT-VIRYA, Spiritual Power
Episode 6. SANSKRIT- SHAUCH, Purification
Episode 7. SANSKRIT- DRASHTA, The Witness Seer
Episode 8. SANSKRIT- SWAROOP, Your True Self
Episode 9. SANSKRIT- AWASTHA, Being Established
Episode 10. SANSKRIT- NIRODHA, De-Identification
Episode 11. SANSKRIT-  TAPAS, Efforts
Episode 12. SANSKRIT- SWADHYAY, Self-Study
Episode 13. SANSKRIT- DHARNAA, Concentration
Episode 14. SANSKRIT- SANTOSH, Contentment
Episode 15. SANSKRIT- PRANIDHAAN, Respectful Surrender
Episode 16. SANSKRIT- TANTRA, Union with Spirit
Episode 17. SANSKRIT- MANAS, Sense Perceptions
Episode 18. SANSKRIT- AHANKAR, Ego-Identification
Episode 19. SANSKRIT- AKLISHT, Helpful for Enlightenment
Episode 20. SANSKRIT- KLAYSH, Obstacles to Freedom
Episode 21. SANSKRIT- ASTAYA, Non-Stealing
Episode 22. SANSKRIT- APARIGRAHA, Non-Grasping
Episode 23. SANSKRIT- SMRITI, Memories
Episode 24. SANSKRIT- KALPANA, Imagination
Episode 25. SANSKRIT- SANYAM, Connecting with Perfection
Episode 26. SANSKRIT- VIVAYK, Discernment

Each episode features a DAILY WISDOM SAYINGS:

  1. Pay attention and acknowledge this moment.
  2. Yoga is to cause no harm to yourself or to any other person or animal.
  3. Your life has the pure power of health. Tap into it!
  4. Eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Avoid sugar, oil and white flour.
  5. Be Strong. Be Clear. Feel Excellent.
  6. The yogic secret to freedom from anxiety: Work, Rest, Work, Rest!
  7. Come back to what is constant and unchanging in yourself.
  8. Know that your true self is always pure and free.
  9. To stop anger: Cool your excess fire, Change your thought, Practice!
  10. You are always pure; the knower of your thoughts.
  11. Meditate for 20 minutes everyday, be happy and have a clear mind.
  12. Deepen your inner awareness. Know you are pure, free, forever.
  13. Once a day: Hold your attention in one place without wavering for 10 minutes.
  14. Relax and enjoy that you are not in charge of the universe. Remember you are free.
  15. Dedicate your actions to the source of your existence.
  16. Know that one self alone is.
  17. Pause and remember ,“I am Free”
  18. Breathe and Smile. Be a master of happiness.
  19. Whenever negative thoughts appear, replace them with the opposite, positive thoughts.
  20. Know that the spirit in you is pure and free.
  21. When you are established in non-grasping, wealth flows to you.
  22. Connect directly with the feeling of total success, and then act.
  23. Remember your power to pause, breathe and not to react.
  24. Close your eyes : You are pure, free, perfect space.
  25. You are prepared. Have no sense of attachment or fear when you perform your actions.
  26. At this moment, you have arrived. Allow yourself to just enjoy!

“Thank you so much for your Breathing Meditation. I use it every day! I have long-term chronic pain from curvature of the spine. With your breathing meditation I’m able to cope with it better than some of the medication I take! Its nice to drop-out a little bit during the day from pain. Also, to stop my thinking just for a little while makes me feel like a true human being. Your voice and devotion is a gift to this sometimes chaotic world. Again, Thank you so much.” David C., Middletown, DE USA

For show times in your region across Canada, please go to the website. SHOW SCHEDULE for Pacific Times: Everyday at 5AM; Monday to Friday at 7AM and 12 noon; Saturday & Sunday at 7:30AM

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The series is produced, written and hosted by Padma. 

“I just want to thank you for the terrific shows you have. They are the best of yoga for me. even when I don’t participate but just listen they relax me and ground me. I find you very inspirational and easy to follow. you have been a key element in my overcoming of depression this past winter especially. Keep up your excellent work! You are needed!” Katherine