The Elemental Series

Padma Yoga combines beautiful yoga with spiritual wisdom.

Watch PADMA YOGA: THE ELEMENTAL SERIES and join Padma and her friends everyday for delightful, gentle classical hatha yoga plus helpful meditations and breath work. Start your day off right or take a much needed break in mid-day. Padma introduces a daily ‘Sanskrit Word of the Day’ and explores how these essential words of yogic philosophy can inspire our daily lives as well as our yoga practice. There are beautiful Sanskrit Chants with guest singer Joelle Lazar, and special guests who joins Padma for discussions of how yoga and meditation integrate into our regular daily lives.

Each episode focuses on one of the natural elements and explores the qualities of this element in our lives. Each element represents one of the five subtle energy bodies, the koshas, addressed in yoga.

Episodes 1 to 5 are focused on the EARTH element. Build a firm, secure foundation for your life and your practice.
The qualities of Earth are balance, solid support and a firm foundation. We look at how to find these in our physical body and in our life. The element Earth relates to the physical body, also known as our ‘food body’, the anamayakosha, in yogic terms. These episodes establish a secure foundation for yoga practice and develop balance and a sense of calmness and safety within us.

Episodes 6 to 10 focus on the WATER element. Purify out all negativity in your life.
The qualities of water are fluidity, change and flow. Water represents the subtle energy within us, also known as the ‘breath body’, the praanamayakosha, in yoga. These episodes offer practices that help to purify the subtle body and refresh your life force.

Episodes 11 to 15 focus on the FIRE element. Direct the creative power you have.
Fire is dynamism. It is both heat and light. Heat represents the efforts and practices we engage in in yoga and meditation, and light is the brightness of intelligence that results from all these efforts. Heat is also the passions and emotions we experience in life, and light is the mind that forms perceptions of all our sensory experiences. Fire represents the manomayakosha, ‘the mind body.’

Episodes 16 to 20 focus on the AIR element. Become a master of your mind.
The qualities of air include speed, intangible movement and constant change.  Air relates to the intellect and the decisive power in us to discern and select our actions and thoughts. Air represents the ‘intellect body’, or the vigyaanamayakosha. The practices this week are for settling the unsteady mind and awakening the intellect to its higher capacities.

Episodes 17 to 26 focus on the SPACE element. Know your pure essence.
Space is the subtlest element of all, subtler even than air. Space represents the spiritual aspect in us that is not formed. This element relates to the aanandamayakosha, or the ‘bliss body’ we have. The practices in this week are more meditative and subtle and bring our awareness to that quality within ourselves that is the most fine, intelligent and loving.

“My life changed for the better when I discovered your show and yoga. Your calm inner strength is remarkable. I’m very grateful.”  TV Viewer

For the words to the SANSKRIT CHANTS on the Elemental Series, see this pdf ES-FEATURE SANSKRIT CHANTS

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