Living Yoga with Padma

This delightful, gentle 65-episode yoga series includes daily yoga, meditations and Sanskrit chanting by Padma. Each week one Sanskrit word is explored in-depth over five episodes. Each episode includes gentle hatha yoga, breath work, meditation, and a yogic philosophy talk. Padma is joined by her friends Paulina, Michael, Salome and Steven. The series was aired across Canada on ONE channel from 2003 to 2008 and locally in BC on Channel M.

The series was filmed in Vancouver and was a ground-breaker for yoga on television. Padma introduces not only yoga stretching and poses, but also the philosophy and music of yoga. She conveys her own personal experiences as a yogi of twenty years, including stories of her years practicing in the Himalayas of India. Padma tells stories, introduces guest teachers, and demonstrates how yoga is integrated into our daily life in a gentle and joyful way.

This series is not available on DVD.

“I have recently begun to walk the path of enlightenment and have just found your Living Yoga program on  TV! I tape each show and my 7 year old daughter & I both enjoy learning about yoga together. Thank you so much for providing a glimpse into the world of yoga. If not for your show, I may never have delved into this awareness of peace and relaxation.  Again, thanks to you for making our day more peaceful and fulfilling.”   Lorraine

“Padma never fails to speak with confident practicality, and still remains able to soothe the soul with a gentle touch of enlightenment. I highly recommend watching her program from off the TV.” Janie