Blissful Living

PADMA YOGA: BLISSFUL LIVING is a series of delightful television yoga classes designed to calm your nerves and strengthen your spirit. Padma offers unique yoga, meditation and philosophy designed to improve your health and joy in life.

Each episode, Padma guides you through a 4-minute warm-up, followed by a 12-minute gentle and meditative yoga sequence that is unique every day. You will feel your whole body awakened and invigorated. Padma also offers a wisdom talk based on a “Sanskrit Word of the Day.” She tells stories from her years in the Himalayas and relates real life situations to the esoteric wisdom of the ages. This series focuses on the quality of sweet delight and happiness that life can be. Padma knows it is possible to become free from suffering, and she offers practices and wisdom to attain freedom.

This series airs there times daily all across Canada on

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#1 AANAND Bliss, delight, joy, pure happiness
#2 AMAR Infinite, unending, eternal, immortal, undying, forever
#3 MADHUR Sweetness, essentially sweet, delight
#4 LAKSHMI Beauty, loveliness, grace, good fortune, happiness, splendour, lustre, wealth
#5 SHIVA “In whom all things lie”, happy, fortunate, kind, dear, gracious, auspicious
#6 SUNDARA Beautiful, lovely, charming, agreeable
#7 AROGYA Pure power of health
#8 AHINSA Non-Violence
#9 SHOBHAA Bright, brilliance, handsome, glorious
#10 SHAANTI Peace, ease, good fortune, happiness
#11 SANTOSH Delighted, well pleased, satisfaction, contentment
#12 MAITREE Kindness
#13 KARUNA Compassion
#14 MUDITA Friendliness
#15 SNEH Love, tenderness, attachment, affection, friendship, often motherly love
#16 PREM Love, affection, kindness
#17 TANTRA Oneness with the world
#18 MUKT Spiritual freedom, Liberation
#19 DARSHAN Spiritual vision Insight
#20 ADITI Boundless, Free
#21 SHRI “Shedding light and radiance”, light, lustre, radiance, beauty, glory, splendour, success, prosperity, good fortune
#22 SUKH Happy, pleased, delighted, comfort, ease, pleasure, gentleness
#23 AMARA Essence, Nectar of life
#24 VIRYA Energy, delight, enthusiastic energy.
#25 GURU Light- giving awareness
#26 SHYAM Pure space of consciousness

Props are supplied by Halfmoon Yoga Products. Halfmoon Yoga offers fine meditation supplies and yoga clothing and supplies across Canada. They are designed and made in B.C.

Costumes are by Ainslie Wear. This fine, premier dance wear line is designed and produced in B.C.  Ainslie Wear is the official supplier to the National Ballet of Canada.

Additional wardrobe by Movement Global. These outfits are locally designed and produced in B.C. See the Movement Global website for their whole catalogue of lovely clothes.

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