Television Series


Padma Produced and Hosted 143 episodes of her popular, nationally-aired television series PADMA YOGA, airing on the Canadian national television broadcaster

Since 2003- Now in its 14th year on TV all across Canada!

The PADMA™  YOGA Televisions Series beautifully offers gentle yoga, healing breath work, simple meditations and spiritual wisdom for everyday living.
The series is airing all across Canada. Watch everyday by purchasing DVDs, or by subscribing to the broadcaster.

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(26 episodes) DVDs available  2009.  Foundational practices and philosophy for wellness, offering an overview of the five natural elements, the five subtle bodies, and Sanskrit words to expand self-understanding.


(26 episodes) DVDs available  2010. Therapeutic yoga and meditations that address everyday challenges. 


(26 episodes)  2010. Blissful and beautiful daily yoga and meditation practices to support your health and happiness.


(65 episodes) – The earliest Padma Yoga television series. 2003-A gentle series exploring yoga and Sanskrit words of bliss. No longer airing.

“I have been practicing classes with Padma for a few years, courtesy of ONE network (I live in a rural community), and have found Padma’s classes to have a wonderful balance of movement, meditation, knowledge, and spirituality,” TV Viewer

“Your gentle approach to life and Yoga are my life-line.” Vicky Renton

“Yours is by far the best of all the yoga shows running on the ONE station.  I look forward to practicing with you in the mornings again!” Beverlee Loat

“Thank god you’re back! Just did my practice with you this AM and I feel as if an old friend has come back into my life. You were missed! Thanks so much for your teachings and your lovely, peaceful manner.” Joanna Moen

“Padma, this morning I danced in jubilation when I saw that you would be on Channel ONE.” Clara Dugas

“I am so relieved to know that you will once again be back on television.  There has not been another program that suits me – they are just about physical exercise, a small part of what yoga is about.  I can once again start each day with the joy of correct focus.” Maureen