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Find Freedom Workshop in Toronto

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2-week Online Introduction to Padma Meditation Course
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6-week Online Meditation Course
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Chants and Music

Enjoy two collections of beautiful Sanskrit songs for meditation:

Download 11 beautiful songs recorded by Padma in the Himalayas of India. Learn verses from the Yoga Sutras, from the Bhagavad Gita and other traditional Sanskrit mantras. Enjoy Hindi songs sung by Padma and her friends in India. (The zip files will not open on iPADS at this time.)



Download these 9 celestial chants. Create a serene atmosphere for meditation and bliss. Padma recorded these sacred mantras in the Himalayas to share the bliss of meditation with you.

After three sessions, I am feeling years younger as the exercises are helping very much.  I will continue to practice daily and wish to thank Padma for her “enlightenment.”  I noticed a dramatic change in my ability to perform the poses and can see the benefits of yoga.  I have personally learned and realized that yoga is a lifelong practice.

I have tried some of the other yoga programs but find Padma to be my answer.  Thank you again very much.- David

After having had the incredible luck and pleasure of traveling in India last spring with Padma, I am very happy to have Padma join me in my living room for some more wisdom, meditation and yoga! Thank you. Karen