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Online Meditation Course

This new, 6-week Padma Meditation Online Course:

starts May 11, 2016
Registration now open.
Email for more information.

Meditation Retreat

September 7 to 11, 2016
Four glorious days of meditation with Padma at
the Hollyhock Retreat Center, BC, Canada

Live Meditation Classes 

While Padma is in the Himalayas with her meditation teacher this year, she is offering classes online directly from the Himalayas!
Please email her for information about private and group classes.


DVDs – Elemental Series

Collect all 5 DVDs of the Padma Yoga: Elemental Series television series. Enjoy the DVDS : Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These are Padma’s unique, foundational daily techniques that she practices in the Himalayas. 

DVDs – Modern Meditations

Collect all 5 DVDs of the Padma Yoga: Modern Meditation television series. Enjoy all 5 DVDs: Foundations, Relax & Renew, Focus & Efficiency, End Struggles, and Living Wisdom.
These DVDs  feature Padma’s unique therapeutic, healing practices. Each episode addresses a specific physical, emotional or mental challenge of daily life.

Now Available as a 5-DVDSet!


A 50-minute extended practice
Enjoy Ocean, Padma’s most popular yoga and meditation DVD. This is not from the television shows, this is a  longer, 50-minute, flowing yoga class with Padma, also including another 50 minutes of audio guided meditations, chants and breath work.

Chants and Music

Two collections of beautiful Sanskrit songs for meditation:

Download 11 beautiful songs recorded by Padma in the Himalayas of India. Learn verses from the Yoga Sutras, from the Bhagavad Gita and other traditional Sanskrit mantras. Enjoy Hindi songs sung by Padma and her friends in India. (Note: this is available in Download only, not CD format. The zip files will not open on iPADS at this time.)



Download OR order a CD of these 9 celestial chants. Create a serene atmosphere for meditation and bliss. Padma recorded these sacred mantras in the Himalayas to share the bliss of meditation with you.

Gem Stone Wrist Malas

Semi-precious stones wrist malas made with love in Canada especially for Padma Meditation. These hand-made wrist malas are designed for meditation and ultimate wellness.


After having had the incredible luck and pleasure of traveling in India last spring with Padma, I am very happy to have Padma join me in my living room for some more wisdom, meditation and yoga! Thank you. Karen