Meditation Training Program

Components of the PADMA MEDITATION TRAINING PROGRAM program are becoming available online, as Padma is continuing her studies in the Himalayas with her meditation teacher.

In this program, you can now join the Online Course FINDING FREEDOM, starting September 21, and the PATANJALI SUTRAS Course starting November 7.

Also, you can join a group or private class by Zoom, or arrange a personal Mentoring program with Padma for your on-going meditation education.

Please email for information. Thank you!

“The course is uplifting and inspirational and offers practical techniques and skills to manage obstacles that prevent us from achieving freedom and awareness.” M. Bell

“Padma is “the real thing.” She has a lovely energy and way of being with the students. Padma offers great depth and richness AND is still very accessible,” Wendy, Graduated Student

“Padma has a wealth of knowledge to share. She is a competent and engaging instructor. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher,” Karen, Graduated Student

Become a certified Padma Meditation Facilitator. This inspiring and unique workshop series consists of six workshops, totalling 108 hours.
Curious just to try out one workshop? Register for any one of the first four workshops and learn to meditate. Welcome!


The Padma Meditation Facilitator Training program is a series of six original and unique meditation training workshops. The first four weekend workshops are open to everyone!

Become one of Canada’s first certified Meditation Facilitators. Enrol in the entire program, or just join us for a single transformational weekend workshop.

Please read details of the whole program below, anemail us for more information.
Register for the workshops here online (when available).

Everyone is welcome to attend the first four Workshops, regardless of wanting to complete the entire Facilitator Training Program.

“This workshop with Padma was for me a pure delight of peace, friendship, meditation and yoga. I was inspired by the mediation, the capacity of going inside yourself and trying to go deeper.” Francoise,  Quebec


“To Awaken Pure Intelligence.”  Padma

“Padma’s meditation facilitator training is essential for anyone teaching or practicing yoga or meditation.  Padma makes the yogic philosophy accessible and applicable to modern day yogis.  This program and practice will transform your life.” Tracy, Owner of Unison Yoga, BC

The Padma Meditation Facilitator Training Program was created for those who want to enhance their inner strength and calm, achieve a sense of freedom, have focus, enjoy self-confidence, inspire creativity and to become excellent leaders in any field.

Padma designed this unique and inspiring program for you to learn meditation, and then be able to share this valuable life skill with others. Padma offers an innovative and fresh approach to practicing and teaching meditation. Based in her education in an authentic yogic lineage, she created these workshops to be relevant for our modern world. Know the real benefits of meditation: deep, real joy and satisfaction.

This 108-hour Level 1 program is Canada’s highest quality series of workshops of its kind for Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers. Padma also offers the Meditation and Yoga Philosophy components that are required in Yoga Teacher Training Programs.
Email to inquire if you are offering a Yoga Teacher Training and would like Padma to enhance your education program with expert meditation and yoga philosophy workshops.


The Padma Meditation Facilitator Training is soundly based in a classical meditation and yoga wisdom tradition, and has been designed to suit modern culture. Padma, Marla Stewart, B.Sc., developed this program after 15 years of teaching meditation to thousands of students, after her own 30 years of yoga, and from 25+ years of advanced meditation study and practice under the direct tutelage of a Himalayan meditation master.

The essential philosophy of Padma Meditation is ‘Know your true freedom’. The essential practices are classical yogic meditation studies and practices.

After having taught the meditation and philosophy components in many yoga teacher training programs, as well as hosting meditation and philosophy workshops over the years, Padma thoughtfully designed this program to stay true to yogic wisdom and also to suit the needs of our current lifestyles. While not being a Hatha Yoga teacher training program, there are some hatha yoga exercises and purifying yogic techniques  throughout the workshops. These were originally designed to assist meditation and Padma has carefully selected the best practices that support meditation. The program includes a clear overview of  Meditation Philosophy studies, based in Advait Vedaant and Yogic thought, plus some Buddhist philosophy. Students learn to teach the art and science of meditation and to deepen and refine their own personal practice. The program lays the foundation for a deep personal practice and the ability to offer meditation to others.

This series of workshops is also a unique and revolutionary fusion of western stress-management skills and scientific research data, combined with the time-proven techniques of eastern wisdom, awareness and wellness practices. Effective skills help individuals to recognize stress symptoms and to make educated choices in managing challenging situations, plus avoiding stress in the future. These time-tested practices unfold self-confidence, clear inner freedom, and eliminate doubt, worry and anxiety. Padma Meditation includes a select variety of meditation and yogic techniques, from simple to more advanced. The teachings are enjoyable, simple and intensely effective.

You are welcome to take any of the first four single workshops on their own without obligation to complete the teacher training, or take all six workshops and complete the whole program.

Students PRE-REGISTERED  for the ENTIRE PROGRAM will receive these bonus items: (not available now)

  • 6 Manuals (1 for each of the workshops)
  • 5 Padma Yoga DVDs
  • 11 songs of Padma Chants (downloads)
  • Certificate of “Padma Meditation Facilitator, Level One”


LEVEL 1 This program consists of six workshops, totalling 108 hours plus extra practicum and preparation hours. The total hours of Level 1 therefore comes to over 165 hours including meditation, reading, writing and study times.

Available ONLINE this fall:

  • FINDING FREEDOM: Learn transformational meditations.
  • END STRUGGLES: PATANJALI SUTRAS COURSE. Understand your mind and ego. Have a clear mind.

Coming later:

  • LIVING WISDOM: Classical meditation philosophy and practice. Explore classical meditation philosophy.
  • FOCUS & EFFICIENCY: Maximize efficiency; Minimize effort.
  • RELAX AND RENEW: Relieve stress and refresh your soul.
  • HOW TO TEACH MEDITATION: Skills of becoming a great teacher.

LEVEL 2 This is an additional 192 hours of study and practice. Total 300 hours. (TBA)

LEVEL 3 This is another 200 hours of study and practice, mentoring plus practice teaching. Total 500 hours. (TBA)


  • Participate in yearly Meditation Facilitator Training upgrade programs.
  • Own DVDs and manuals for your study references
  • Have songs of Padma Chants (downloads)
  • Receive a certificate of “Padma Meditation Facilitator, Level One: 108 hours”
  • Be included on the “Padma Meditation Graduate”s page of this website (Under Construction)
  • Know how to skillfully organize and market your classes
  • Be a part of a community of meditators teachers
  • have an established personal meditation practice
  • understand yoga meditation philosophy
  • know what meditation is and what it is not
  • identify sources and symptoms of stress and know stress-alleviation practices
  • be comfortable in long, silent, sitting meditation
  • be a truly dynamic teacher
  • know therapeutic yogic practices for the body and for the breath
  • conduct guided meditations and understand their purpose, benefits and applications
  • assess students in order to best select the exact meditation technique suited to them
  • demonstrate meditation and breath techniques
  • be aware of some teaching precautions
  • offer knowledge and skills through multiple teaching methodologies
  • use wisdom and experience to inform discussions and question and answer sessions
  • communicate clearly, confidently and professionally with students
  • be knowledgeable of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • chant key verses of the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit
  • chant essential Upanishadic Mantras in Sanskrit
  • be able to proceed with Level Two Meditation Facilitator Training.


  • You, if you are interested in learning or advancing your meditation, and deepening your self-awareness
  • Yoga Teachers
  • School Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Parents
  • Mental Health Care Workers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Health Care Practitioners
  • Massage therapists
  • Executives
  • Managers of Business
  • Athletes
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Actors
  • Spiritual Seekers



  • Meditation skills, applications, variations, benefits and precautions.
  • Meditation practices including inner awareness, breath-work, mantra, chanting, concentration, mindfulness, awareness-enhancing techniques, and some techniques from Advait Vedaant, Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Mind-Management, Tantra Yog, Kriya Yoga, and Raaj Yoga.
  • Mantra Yoga, including Sanskrit chanting.
  • Classical Hatha Yoga postures that enhance meditation, health and wellness.
  • Meditation breathing techniques: Praanaayaam.


  • In-depth exploration of what makes an excellent meditation teacher, utilizing various up-to-date professional teaching and coaching methods.
  • How to observe, assist, adjust, coach, facilitate and instruct groups and private students.
  • Class design, marketing and making an income as a teacher.
  • Understand various learning styles of students. Includes an education in Coaching, Adult Education and Leadership training.


  • The physiology of the subtle bodies : Chakras, Nadis, Mudras and subtle bodies observed in meditation.
  • Awareness of health practices for the physical body, including yogic diet  and exercise.
  • Purification practices.
  • The process of ego manifestation.
  • The powers of mental concentration.
  • Modern Scientific research on meditation and the effects on the personality, stress levels and on the brain.


  • Philosophy of Patanjali Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, aspects of Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, the Vedic Vision of Advait Oneness, Tantra Yoga, Ayurveda Health, Sanskrit, Dev Nagri script.
  • Modern Stress-Management, mind-management, Yoga Psychology, Meditation Therapy.


  • Home meditation practice to be completed, 30 minutes a day
  • Demonstrate teaching as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others.


As you take the six workshops, and afterwards as well, you’ll be able to email to Padma for support, answers to questions that arise and information. In some cases, an apprentice teacher or assistant will answer your questions. Zoom classes will also be available for your continuing studies after graduation.



  • All 108 hours of in-class workshops must be attended to become certified. Email to Padma to apply for any exceptions or substitutions.


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  • PEMA CHODRON. Start Where You Are. Boston, MA: Shambala, 1994.
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  • THICH NHAT HANH. The Art of Power. Harper One, 2007.
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  • Write 750 to 1000 words on a topic assigned to you.


  • Design and present a 20 minute class on a topic assigned.


  • Complete 45 hours of home time meditation practice.


  • Attain at least an 85% grade on a 1-hour written test.


  • Pass a 20 minute interview exam with Padma.


Once you graduate, you will receive a Padma Meditation Facilitator Certificate, Level 1.
Level 2, an additional 192 hours, and Level 3, and additional 200 hours, will be offered in a couple of years.


Your name will be posted on Padma’s website (if you like) as a Padma Meditation graduate, certified by Padma to teach meditation.


  • Manuals: Manuals for each of the Workshops are included in the Workshop Tuition. All Manuals are Copyrighted to Padma Yoga and the materials in them is to be re-used only with written permission.
  • Books:  There will be two texts that are required to read to complete the teacher training: Patanjali Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Versions of these are available from Padma for sale. Ask Padma about these books.
  • DVDs: Students PRE-REGISTERED  for the ENTIRE PROGRAM will receive Padma Yoga DVDs as apart of their free materials. It is recommended to purchase all of the specific Padma Yoga dvds for the workshops. These augment the teachings for each workshop and are available on the Padma Store
  • Audios: Students PRE-REGISTERED  for the ENTIRE PROGRAM will receive songs of Padma Chants (downloads). Other audios of sanskrit chants and recordings will be available for sale on the  Padma Store.
  • Meditation seats, cushions, blankets, and eye pillow are available at Halfmoon Yoga Products. These are optional and according to your personal preference.

#1. FINDING FREEDOM: Learn Classical Meditation Skills and Philosophy

#1_shuswap2012Open to all. A 12-hour workshop. Learn all the foundational essentials of a full personal meditation practice, including: classical yoga, meditation, breath exercises and philosophy. Practice easy, useful and delightful meditation skills. Develop a solid personal practice of both yoga and meditation and bring balance, concentration, strength and calm into your body and your life. Learn to sit in ease and get in touch with the natural elements. Learn how meditation relates to your regular life.

This workshop includes:

  • Gentle stretches, exercises and postures that supports your meditation practice, Hatha Yoga (ON DVD)
  • Hand postures, Mudras
  • Ethics of a yoga lifestyle, Yaama
  • Breath work, Praanayaam
  • Yoga Psychology, The Four States of Mind
  • Foundational yoga philosophy, Gyaan Yoga
  • Simple Overview of various meditation schools
  • Simple chanting, Mantra
  • An Overview of the Elements of Practice:
      • EARTH- Padma will expertly lead your practice through the balancing nature of earth within and help you find your inner stability.  You’ll learn about the physical body.
      • WATER- Then we go on to the element of water and discover and experience the healing flow of the life force inside. You’ll learn about the subtle, energy or breath body.
      • FIRE- Next we build and concentrate your inner fire power and help you to work with your energy and creativity in the most positive way possible.
      • AIR- You’ll study the mind body. The air element topic takes your practice subtler and to the more powerful realm of yoga of the mind. Learn classical yoga psychology and the time-tested tradition of guiding the mind to clarity and enlightened awareness.
      • SPACE- You’ll learn about the intellectual body. The space element concludes the weekend with a look at the deepest, most expansive and subtlest elements of yoga and meditation.  You’ll learn about the bliss body.

Recommended Padma DVDs to accompany this workshop available on the Store page:

#2. RELAX AND RENEW: Be Calm and Cool! Relieve Stress and Refresh Your Soul

Open to all.  A 12-hour workshop. This is a weekend of experiential learning as well as philosophical examination of what creates stress in us and how we can be free from it once and for all! Learn profound physical and mental renewal practices of yoga and meditation. Train your body to let go of tension and release all  the stress you carry. Find true balance and regain your full state of health. Relax and refresh your inner energy and your emotions.

Through breath exercises and subtle energy purification, become established in calmness, rebuild your strength and stay happy. Learn ways to take your mind to a free space and refresh your consciousness. Re-connect with your purest inner power. Touch the depths of peace in yourself.

This workshop includes:

  • 4 Yoga Classes
  • 4 Meditation & Breath Work, Pranayama, Sessions
  • ‘Subtle Bodies,’ Koshas  Workshop
  • Philosophy of Energy Forces, Gunas and Doshas, Workshop
  • Traditional Heath, Ayurveda, Workshop
  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Plenty of time for Discussion/Questions

Recommended Padma DVDs to accompany this workshop available on the Store page:

#3. FOCUS & EFFICIENCY: Maximize efficiency, Minimize effort. Become Free and Focused with Energy and Mind Management

Open to all.  A 12-hour workshop. Increase your powers. This workshop emphasizes understanding the power we have, both energetic and mental. A yogic saying is “Maximum results with minimum effort” and this workshop reveals how we can access this inner dynamism and learn to manifest perfectly in the world. The workshop also includes an exploration of your creative and artistic expression and how to allow and direct the free flow of your divine power of imagination.

This workshop is aimed at executives, athletes and anyone desiring to be efficient, gain easier results, and achieve the highest goals in whatever you want to put your attention on.

It is also designed for artists and naturally creative people who want to unfold more freedom, creative inspiration and delight in whatever mode of expression of choice. Unveil your passions.

This workshop includes:

  • Ways to manifest with freedom, ‘Karm Yog’
  • Self-discovery through meditation
  • Types of Concentration, ‘Samaadhi’
  • The essential messages of the Bhagavad Gita text
  • 4  yoga classes, ‘Hatha’ Yog
  • Guided meditations
  • Silent meditation, ‘Dhyaan Yog’
  • Guided breath work
  • Dialogue and discourse, ‘Gyaan Yog
  • Small group exercises
  • Yogic relaxation, ‘Yog Nidra’
  • Sanskrit terms and chanting verses from the Gita, ‘Mantra’

Recommended Padma DVDs to accompany this workshop available on the Store page:

#4. END STRUGGLES: PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS. Yoga and Meditation for a Clear Mind. Clear Your Mind and Be Happy with Mind Management

Open to all.  A 12-hour workshop. Have a map of your mind and understand how to keep clear and happy. This workshop will reveal the core functioning of the mind and let you become free from all habitual negative thinking patterns. You’ll learn incredibly effective yogic psychology, and practice to become a master of your mind rather than being overwhelmed by it. We’ll explore the classic nature of mind, plus address some general topics and also focus on specific, real life situations that we encounter. You’ll practice time-tested yogic methods that block your life energy and your experience of life’s natural joy and freedom.


This workshop includes:


  • Living with Awareness
  • How to Not Feel Overwhelmed
  • Facing Changes in Life
  • Stopping Negative Self-Talk
  • Allowing Yourself to Fully Enjoy and Feel Satisfied.

Yoga Psychology

  • The Inner Instrument of the Mind, ‘Antahakaran’
  • Qualities of Concentration
  • Five Kinds of Perception, ‘Vrittis
  • Structure of the Ego, ‘Ahankar’
  • The Main Emotional Obstacles, ‘Klaysh
  • Skills of Discernment and Detachment, ‘Vivek & Vairagya’

Yogic Methods

  • Watchfulness Meditation, ‘Dhyaan Yog
  • 4 Breath Work Classes: ‘Praanaayaam’
  • 4 Yoga Classes with exercises specific to assisting meditation, ‘Hatha Yog’
  • Dialogue and Discourse, ‘Gyaan Yog’
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Yogic Relaxation, ‘Yog Nidra’
  • Sanskrit Terms and Chanting, ‘Mantra Yog’

Recommended DVDs to accompany this workshop available on thStore page:

#5. LIVING WISDOM: Deepen Your Practice and Explore Advanced Meditation, Philosophy and Practices 

Exclusive to participants in the Facilitator Training Program, for students who have completed the first four workshops, or who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification or by written application. (42 hour Intensive)

This workshop is presented as a 5-Day intensive retreat, usually  held at Bodega Ridge Retreat Center on Galiano Island.

This retreat concentrates on more in-depth philosophy and longer hours of meditation practice. This workshop is a unique chance to learn esoteric Tantric knowledge directly transmitted to Padma from her guru in the Himalayas of India.

Every day is structured as an intensive study and practice workshop. There will be hours of discussion, study, dialogue, silent meditation, Sanskrit studies and chanting. There will be overviews of the studies covered in the four signature workshops, synthesizing the information and delving deeper into the ideas. Further topics will also be introduced, such as more Sanskrit, chanting, and deeper insights will be explored and discussed. The philosophy studies will focus on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. There will be Sanskrit studies, chanting, and hatha yoga classes. There will possibly be time for a private interview with Padma during this week.
As well as diving into deeper studies, there will be an exploration of how all of this information and practice is relevant to our daily living as well. You’ll discover how meditation can be apart of daily living and the effects it will have on you and your future students over time.This is an intensive meditation and study retreat for those with an established meditation practice. There will be several hours per day of silent meditation, plus guided meditations, breath work, in depth philosophy classes and group discussions.

This workshop includes:

  • Overview of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
  • Introduction to Sanskrit Studies

Recommended Padma DVDs to accompany this workshop available on the Store page:

  1. Elemental Series #5 Space
  2. Modern Meditations #5 Living Wisdom

#6. LEARN TO FACILITATE: Learn the art of facilitating  Meditation

Exclusive to the Training Program and only for students who have completed the first five Workshop. (18 hours)

This 3-day intensive workshop, in 2013 held at Bodega Ridge Retreat Center,  focuses on the art , wisdom and skills of being a great facilitator. Not only will we go over several pedagogical methods, you’ll come to see how specifically to offer the fine art of meditation to others.
You’ll also learn how to produce a meditation class and market it to new students.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Coaching
  • Listening skills
  • Meditation guiding
  • Class preparations
  • Precautions
  • Materials to teach

Email for information. Sign up for the Newsletter.

“Re-access your true space of awareness,” Padma