Private Classes

“Tap into the infinite sense of joy that is your true essence.”

One to one via Skype, by email or on the phone.

Email Padma to schedule your private class with Padma from anywhere in the world. 

Padma is currently in the Himalayas and from there is teaching PRIVATE CLASSES  via Skype or phone. In these classes, you will have the time to discuss your own issues, ideas and concerns and have feedback and practices designed specifically for you. Padma will address your personal concerns and design a program of meditation practices and meditative thoughts for your personal needs at this time. Padma will develop your practice over time as your situation evolves.

Meet for one or for a series of private classes to learn the skills of sustainable wellness, inner awareness and peace. Padma will assess your needs and teach you the meditation and yoga techniques that are best for you. She will also write up a description of the specific techniques for your continuing home practice. You will practice meditation together and have time for any questions. Phone or Skype sessions allow you to be relaxed in your own comfortable and familiar environment.

Private classes with Padma also can be arranged in a MENTORING PROGRAM which includes private on-going meditation, philosophy and yoga guidance by telephone, Skype, email, and possibly some meetings in person. Please email for more information about having your own specially designed program. This is designed for students wishing a longer term study commitment, minimum 3 months to over 3 years. This is one-on-one, on-going longer-term education with Padma. The minimum Mentoring Program is one Skype class every two months, plus emails. The monthly price is determined by the individual program agreed upon.

Email for Private Classes , or Mentoring information, then Pay online here.

Padma is currently in the Himalayas and from there is teaching GROUP CLASSES  to them via Skype. You are welcome to join these classes in person if there is a group meeting near you, or join online from your own home via Skype, from anywhere in the world. Please email to let us know if you’d like to join one of these groups.


The format of a class of Padma Meditation is unique and does not follow the style of any other meditation group, Yogic, Buddhist or other. Padma Meditation classes are informal yet highly focused.
Two expectations of participating in the group are

  • Confidentiality  of any personal matters that might be brought up in the classes, and
  • Respect for one another and the space of meditation.

A group meets at an agreed on time and each person finds for themself a comfortable place and seat. Students can bring their own meditation cushions or use one provided. You may want to bring your own shawl, a notebook and pen, or a thermos of tea. If you are joining the class by Skype, then the host will add you to the conversation at this time.
The host of the class offers the internet connection, the meditation room, some drinking water and makes sure everyone present is ok and everyone by Skype is connected.
There will not be a necessity of lengthy personal introductions, but simply a welcome of anyone new to the group. A class will usually commence with Padma greeting the group and opening the floor to questions or comments to start. She will then initiate a talk on some aspect of meditation practice, philosophy and the real-life living results of meditation. These talks are open at any time to comments, questions and input from everyone, and become a conversation exploring meditation, identity, freedom and happiness. Padma might discuss some specific meditation philosophy term, or sutra, and then usually expands this exploration to what the relevance of these ideas has for us in our daily life.
During this conversation everyone is free to get up for water or use the washroom or whatever they need to do.
After some time, 15 to 45 minutes, Padma will lead the group into a guided meditation.
Then there will be a time of silent sitting, usually between 10 to 40 minutes. It is not required to remain rigid in your body during this meditation, rather it is suggested that each person be free and feel at ease in their sitting. If someone needs to adjust their seat or even get up for any reason, they should feel free to. As much as possible, though, it is recommended that each person attempt to stay sitting as still and quietly as possible to best cultivate stillness in the shared awareness. If you do move, then most important is an awareness and respect of the space of meditation in the group, and a watchfulness of how your movements affect the attention in the group.
At the conclusion of the silent meditation, either Padma or the facilitator will chime a bell or say, “Take your own time”. They may guide a brief practice of rubbing the palms together and washing the hands over the face as a concluding practice.
Everyone is then free to fully move and stretch out. Often a discussion follows amongst the group, often about some idea about the meditation or any other related topic. The class ends with everyone tidying up the space to leave it as it was found, and taking care that everyone has a safe ride home. You will be refreshed and inspired.
During the time before the next meeting, you may email to Padma or to the host any questions or concerns that come up. You are also invited to read Padma’s website and blog, or to buy any of her DVDs of yoga and meditation practices, or view the YouTube videos linked on the site, to get an idea of her style.

Email for Scheduling, then Pay online here.

“Padma teaches in such a simple, non-dogmatic and clear way that is so unarming that it makes learning effortless. When I am with her I feel like I am in the presence of someone who has done the hard work herself and her voice stays with me long after we have finished our sessions. I would highly recommend Padma as a meditation teacher.” G. Lenett, President Dish Jeans

Private classes are also useful for MEDITATION THERAPY.
 “Become a master of healthy thinking! ”
Meditation Therapy includes an assessment of your individual needs, and a prescription of specifically selected meditation techniques along with a variety of other yogic lifestyle changes that will help you to become stronger and more at ease in your everyday life.
 The assessment includes an analysis of: 1. body type, 2. energy-type and 3. mentality type. Along with these indicators, we will discuss environmental factors such as: diet, work, family, and general health & fitness.
The meditations prescribed to help include: 1. breath exercises, 2. concentration, 3. visualizations, 4. repetition of intentional qualities & results, 5. mindfulness of mental habit patterns, 6. mindfulness of sub-conscious assumptions.
 The intention of Meditation Therapy is to increase your capacity to see clearly the workings of your own mind patterns and to become the master of this great power that we have. We are only unaware of the power we have to heal and help ourselves, and of how to master that inner power.

For yourself, for doctors, health care  workers and healers, and at your work place.

Email for Scheduling, then Pay online.

 “Excellent meditation! Thank you Padma! I feel totally relaxed and my breath feels completely clear. It feels like I’m breathing in menthol. What a fantastic sensation. Perfect.*- TV Viewer

“Thank you Padma for sharing you graceful yoga poses and wisdom – helping to awaken people and making the world a better place. I can’t think of a better way to start the day! Namaste.” – Stephen