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Padma is currently on retreat and continuing her advanced meditation in the Himalayas of India with her guru, and from there she is joining this group of senior students directly – guiding the meditations and discussions every Monday evening, online.

The next 10-week session starts on October 10, to December 12.


You are welcome to join this classes in person in Vancouver (at 6:30 PM, Pacific Time), or join online from anywhere in the world.

Please email Padma to participate in this group. This is for generally for experienced meditators and yoga teachers, but even if you are new to meditation but you have a keen interest in true personal freedom, email Padma to ask about joining this group.

“Padma teaches in such a simple, non-dogmatic and clear way that is so unarming that it makes learning effortless. When I am with her I feel like I am in the presence of someone who has done the hard work herself and her voice stays with me long after we have finished our sessions. I would highly recommend Padma as a meditation teacher.” G. Lenett, President Dish Jeans

The discussion theme for this fall 2016 and winter and spring 2017 is the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the quintessential philosophy and practice text of yogic, advait vedaant, meditation


This course will be a deep exploration of the verses of this classical text on meditation philosophy and practice. Every second week, Padma will select a new verse, and teach you the sanskrit word by word, as well as the correct pronunciation of these. Then she’ll give a discourse on the rich esoteric wisdom expressed the verse. These verses were designed to be taught by a teacher to a student and it is not possible to know the true meaning without an authentic teacher of this.

This text dates from 2000 years ago and the messages in it resonate throughout all asian meditation lineages.

The same philosophy can be discovered in the most esoteric buddhist texts, and it is rare to find someone who teaches this knowledge.

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Every other week there is a talk, alternating with one week of discussion and time for questions & answers.

WEEK #1:

On the first Monday of the month, Padma offers a 40-minute knowledge talk and then leads a guided meditation.
This talk is recored and will be available to you, which you can listen to for the season on the website. You will be sent a password to access this audio talk.
You’ll also access a pdf transcription of the talks.


The next Monday evening is for questions, and group discussions for about 20 minutes, and then a lead-in to a guided meditation.

This repeats with alternating weeks of talks and questions for 10 weeks.

The fee for the 10 weeks is $300.


EMAIL PADMA HERE for more information 


The format of a class of Padma Meditation is very unique and follows to some extent the method of her Himalayan meditation teacher. Padma teaches in an authentic and original manner, and her lessons are the result of her 27+ years that she has studied and practised advanced meditation and meditation philosophy.
These sessions do not follow the style of any meditation group or teacher, whether Yogic, Buddhist or other. The cases are suitable for advanced meditation students, yoga teachers, but beginners are always welcome and will be fully integrated in the group.

Padma Meditation classes are informal yet highly focused and effective.
Two expectations of participating in the group are:

  • Confidentiality  of any personal matters that might be brought up in the classes, and
  • Respect for one another and the space of meditation.

ONLINE by ZOOM: If you are joining the class online, then simply register for the sessions on this webstore, and you will receive an email invitation to the meeting. You can also join by phone. You will receive this information in the invitation email.

IN PERSON: A group meets at an agreed on time and each person finds for themself a comfortable place and seat. Students can bring their own meditation cushions or use one provided. You may want to bring your own shawl, a notebook and pen, or a thermos of tea.

The host of the class offers the meditation room, some drinking water and makes sure everyone present is ok.
There will not be a necessity of lengthy personal introductions, but simply a welcome of anyone new to the group.

ALL: A class will usually commence with Padma greeting the group and opening the floor to questions or comments to start. She will then initiate a talk on some aspect of meditation practice, philosophy and the real-life living results of meditation.

These talks are open to comments, questions from everyone, and become a conversation exploring meditation, identity, freedom and happiness. Padma will discuss some specific meditation philosophy term, or verses, and then expand this exploration to what the relevance of these ideas have for us in our daily life.

After the monthly talk or the Q&A time, Padma or a senior student will lead the group into a guided meditation.
Then there will be a time of silent sitting, usually 30 minutes. The host will sign off from Zoom at this time to allow everyone their own time to meditate. We will be sharing the one, universal space of awareness of meditation together at this time.

It is not required to remain rigid in your body during the meditation, rather it is suggested that each person be free and feel at ease in their sitting. If someone needs to adjust their seat or even get up for any reason, they should feel free to. As much as possible, though, it is recommended that each person attempt to stay as still and quiet as possible to best cultivate stillness in the shared awareness. If you do move, then have an awareness and respect of the space of meditation in the group, and a watchfulness of how your movements affect the attention in the group.

At the conclusion of the silent meditation, in the ‘in-person group’ the facilitator will chime a bell or say, “Take your own time.” They may guide a brief practice of rubbing the palms together and washing the hands over the face as a concluding practice.
Everyone is then free to fully move and stretch out. Often a discussion follows amongst the group, often about some idea about the meditation or any other related topic. The class ends with everyone tidying up the space to leave it as it was found, and taking care that everyone has a safe ride home. You will be refreshed and inspired.

During the time before the next meeting, you may email to Padma or to the host any questions or concerns that come up.


You are also invited to read Padma’s website and blog, or to buy any of her DVDs  of yoga and meditation practices, or view the Padma YogaTV YouTube videos linked on the site, to get an idea of her style.

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JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2016 – The BHAGAVAD GITA Chapter 6: Verses 1 to 27