Open to all.  Have a map of your mind and understand how to keep clear and happy. This workshop will reveal the core functioning of the mind and let you become free from all habitual negative thinking patterns. You’ll learn incredibly effective yogic psychology, and practice to become a master of your mind rather than being overwhelmed by it. We’ll explore the classic nature of mind, plus address some general topics and also focus on specific, real life situations that we encounter. You’ll practice time-tested yogic methods that block your life energy and your experience of life’s natural joy and freedom.

This course includes:


  • Living with Awareness
  • How to Not Feel Overwhelmed
  • Facing Changes in Life
  • Stopping Negative Self-Talk
  • Allowing Yourself to Fully Enjoy and Feel Satisfied.

Yoga Psychology

  • The Inner Instrument of the Mind, ‘Antahakaran’
  • Qualities of Concentration
  • Five Kinds of Perception, ‘Vrittis
  • Structure of the Ego, ‘Ahankar’
  • The Main Emotional Obstacles, ‘Klaysh
  • Skills of Discernment and Detachment, ‘Vivek & Vairagya’

Yogic Methods

  • Watchfulness Meditation, ‘Dhyaan Yog
  • 4 Breath Work Practices: ‘Praanaayaam’
  • Philosophy, ‘Gyaan Yog’
  • Yogic Relaxation, ‘Yog Nidra’
  • Sanskrit Terms and Chanting, ‘Mantra Yog’


$235 CAD. Early Bird $195 by November 15

18 hours of study and practice over 5 weeks.