Open to all.  Increase your power. This course emphasizes understanding the power we have, both energetic and mental. A yogic saying is “Maximum results with minimum effort” and this ONLINE COURSE reveals how we can access this inner dynamism and learn to manifest perfectly in the world. The workshop also includes an exploration of your creative and artistic expression and how to allow and direct the free flow of your divine power of imagination.

This course is aimed at executives, athletes and anyone desiring to be efficient, gain easier results, and achieve the highest goals in whatever you want to put your attention on.

It is also designed for artists and naturally creative people who want to unfold more freedom, creative inspiration and delight in whatever mode of expression of choice. Unveil your passions.

*Note:  Available in November 2018.

14 hours of study and practice over 3 weeks.

$145 CAD. Early Bird $125

This course includes:

  • Ways to manifest with freedom, ‘Karm Yog’
  • Self-discovery through meditation
  • Types of Concentration, ‘Samaadhi’
  • The essential messages of the Bhagavad Gita text
  • Guided meditations
  • Silent meditation, ‘Dhyaan Yog’
  • Guided breath work
  • Dialogue and discourse, ‘Gyaan Yog
  • Small group exercises
  • Yogic relaxation, ‘Yog Nidra’
  • Sanskrit terms and chanting verses from the Gita, ‘Mantra’