Designer Corporate Workshops

Padma Meditation offers designer meditation workshops tailored to your specific group. These workshop programs will be exactly designed to suit the precise needs of your organization. Email to inquire.

“There is no doubt that the many years that I have known Padma she has enriched not only my life but all those who she came into contact with as a result of my initial meeting with her. During the last 10 years I’ve had the opportunity of engaging the services of Padma on behalf of our law firm Simpson Thomas & Associates. There is no doubt in my mind that Padma is an extremely well-trained teacher in yoga. She also recognizes the importance of not only teaching the principles of yoga but also living these principles. I have no hesitation in recommending Padma.” Bernie Simpson, C.M.


  1. EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE: Private meditation classes for Executives. Be the CEO of your mind!
  2. CORPORATE WELLNESS: Group meditation classes for Management and Staff. Improve Efficiency. Know how ego works and how to manage egos.
  3. HOW TO TEACH MEDITATION SKILLS: For Educators and Parents. Simple techniques that help.
  4. MEDITATION THERAPY: Apply the healing power of meditation in your life.
  5. COPING WITH DIFFICULT EMOTIONS: Meditation for Children and Teens. Have some tools that work.
  6. SATISFACTION: Gentle yoga, breath and meditation. For Seniors. Live your bliss.


Freedom from Struggles. BC, 2015
OM Meditation Retreat. Himalayas India, 2014 (2-weeks)
Wanderlust Festival. Whistler, BC, 2014

Foundations. Vancouver, BC, 2013
Relax & Renew. Vancouver, BC, 2013
End Struggles. Vancouver, BC, 2013
Focus & Efficiency. Vancouver, BC, 2013

Master Class Workshops. Toronto Yoga Conference, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012
Master Class Workshops. Vancouver Yoga Conference,  2010, 2011, 2012

Padma Meditation 108-hour Training. Vancouver, BC, 2012

RAAJ YOGA, Presented by the Hatha Yoga Association of Victoria. BC, 2010

The Elemental Series, BC, 2009, 2010
RELAX AND RENEW. BC, 2009, 2010
Focus & Efficiency Workshop, BC, 2009, 2010
Freedom from Struggle, BC, 2009, 2010

Royal Yoga, Florida, 2005
Radiant Living Retreat, Mexico, 2006
Riviera Retreat, France, 2006

Tantra, BC, 2008
Living Yoga Retreat, Ontario
Living Freedom, Ontario, 2005
Conscious Living, Ontario, 2006
Sanskrit & Mantra, BC, 2003
Pure Freedom, BC, 2008
Pure Relaxation, BC, 2008
Pure Focus, BC, 2008
All Seasons Retreat, BC, 2010

Stillness By the Beach Retreat, BC
Thanksgiving Retreat, BC, 2002
Raaj Yoga Workshop, BC
Full Lotus Retreat, BC, 2002


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