Sanskrit Studies

These courses are available  iONE-DAY WORKSHOPS, WEEKEND WORKSHOPS and in 6-WEEK SESSIONS.
Please email to inquire about booking one of these workshops with Padma at a location near to you.

  1. Meditation and Philosophy for the required components of any 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs: For yoga studios and individuals offering yoga teacher training programs who want a high quality component of meditation and yoga philosophy in their programs. Padma Yoga has contributed the Meditation and Philosophy components to many Yoga Teacher Training Programs and specializes in these teachings to  programs offering training to yoga teachers internationally.
  2. Mantra & Sanskrit: 
Introduction to Sanskrit and chanting.
Learn to read, write, and perfectly pronounce the ancient sacred language of yoga while studying the original scriptures. Sanskrit opens up to you a new and thrilling vision of yoga, expanding your mind as much as your vocabulary of eastern meditation philosophy! Learn to chant and understand authentic verses from the Vedas, Patanjali, the Upanishads, and sacred hymns. Enhance your meditation practice.
  3. Freedom! Explore the Bhagavad Gita:
 The essential scripture of yoga.
 An excellent course for any yoga enthusiast to explore the heart of yoga philosophy. A must for any yoga teacher to study. With Padma, learn to read directly from the Sanskrit scripture, to chant the verses, and to experience the beauty of this sacred story. The Gita is the holy book of yoga and filled with profound ancient wisdom that is still fully relevant in our modern world.
  4. Patanjali Yoga Sutras
 Classical Meditation Philosophy: The classical text of meditation practices and philosophy. Study directly from the original Sanskrit text and learn to chant with authentic pronunciation. This book describes a universal understanding of how the human mind works, and how we can achieve happiness.
  5. Royal Yoga/ Raaj Yoga:
 The Eight Steps of classical practice.
Thoroughly explore each essential step in Patanjali’s classical Yoga/Meditation philosophy. Deepen and clarify your understanding of this ancient sacred science of meditation and inner happiness. Learn the original Sanskrit terms and study and practice pranayam, mudras, chakras, and mantras. Essential for yoga teachers and dedicated students. A fascinating discovery of meditation.
  6. Himalayan Tantra Yoga and Meditation:
 A beautiful class of deep yoga and quiet meditation. Learn the essentials of a meditation practice while practicing gentle yoga and conscious awareness in daily life.
Maintain spiritual awareness while living fully in the world. Tantra is the vision of wholeness and oneness of you with the world. Time for discussions and practice. First-timers to experienced. All welcome! Learn this priceless skill and increase the quality of everyday of your life.