2016 Calendar

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ALL 2016, Online classes LIVE classes with Padma Online, directly from the Himalayas! Group and Private Skype Classes HERE on the Webstore and email to schedule
 Starts May 11, 2016 for 6 weeks ONLINE  PADMA MEDITATION ONLINE COURSE  About Online Course
 September 7-11, 2016 Hollyhock Retreat Centre, BC, Canada  The Freedom Workshop  Hollyhock website
 Watch Padma’s Television series PADMA YOGA.Airing on ONE:Body, Mind, Spirit, Love Channel  ACROSS CANADA. Check your local broadcaster for local times in your time zone  All 78 TV episodes of PADMA YOGA Subscribe to ONE: Body, Mind Spirit Channel on television

*Padma is currently studying with her meditation teacher in the Himalayas and so is offering classes to you by Skype.

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