Meditation Courses

Study the Bhagavad Gita
and the learn the essence of Yoga Sadhana

Padma will offer teachings on the nature of freedom and the essential wisdom of Yoga Sadhana with Sanskrit verses selected from the Bhagavad Gita. Explore what real freedom is, and how it can be attained and lived every day through wisdom, meditation and yoga.

This is a special workshop so please email to assure there is a place available for  you.

August 25th- 27th, 2017
Robert’s Creek, BC
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A unique, original and powerfully transformative 6-week online Padma Meditation course

Starts OCTOBER 4, 2017

Early Bird Registration till SEPTEMBER 13.



Immerse yourself in private meditation mentoring. Talk online with Padma once a month and then she will send you your specifically designed program of practices and studies.
This is the best way to continue studies with Padma while she is residing in the Himalayas!

EMAIL to schedule your sessions.


“I have been on weekend retreats with Padma for the past two years, and every year, I am blown away. My practice is renewed, I’ve gained clarity and insight and I’m always glad I made the time to learn from her.” Tracy, Owner of Yoga Unison Studio, Mission, BC, Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

“It’s necessary to study with a good teacher to gain maximum results. I’ve been studying for several years on my own, but I’m always amazed at how studying with Padma feels 10 to 20 times as powerful as studying on my own.” Wendy, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“Practising your meditation skills, I have immediately noticed profound changes in myself that are wonderful.”

You make me believe in continuing a positive and peaceful way of life.”

“The conscious living theme really emphasized for me that I am on the right path. I am learning how a positive feeling can be felt as a type of meditation. I.e. Gratitude, love, peace.” E.G., Ontario

“It was such a pleasure to meet Padma in person, to realize how down to earth and very humane she is. Learning about the deeper aspects of how yoga is a gateway to conscious living was the beginning of path I really want to travel.” R.M. Ontario

“I liked the idea that you can and should pause. You can be the observer of your thought and mental functions rather than being those functions.” S.M. Ontario

“This week with Padma was for me a pure delight of peace, friendship, meditation and yoga. I was inspired by the mediation, the capacity of going inside yourself and trying to go deeper in what I call : your tomb.” F.M. Quebec

“The chanting vibrated through our bodies in perfect harmony and maybe this is a way of confirming that with positive thinking and of loving good thoughts we can make a difference soul by soul” J.SW Ontario

“PADMA IS “the real thing”. She has a lovely energy and way of being with the students.”

”Padma offers great depth and richness AND is still very accessible.”

“Padma has a wealth of knowledge to share. We can learn about freedom from suffering.”

“Padma is a competent and engaging instructor. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher.

“An inspirational weekend!!”

“The workshops increased my understanding and awareness of my personal practice and allowed me to go to a deeper place within myself.”

“I value the effects of the benefits of yoga meditation. It helps me with dealing with a chronic neurological illness & it has made it go into remission.”

“The variation of activities kept things fresh & gave time to absorb what was learned.”

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