at the Hollyhock Retreat Centre, BC, Cortes Island, Canada

JULY 13 to 17, 2018

Cortes Island, BC

Cortes Island, BC.  Famous for warm white sandy beaches!

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Join Padma for four days at the world-renowned Hollyhock Retreat Centre, Cortes Island, on the gorgeous west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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Know you’re free and live in happiness, strength and peace. Experience four glorious days of retreat at this paradise on Earth, with gourmet, organic cuisine, rest and natural beauty, plus an inspiring series of original workshops with Padma!

Next September, Padma will present her ‘FREEDOM & JOY!’ retreat, a unique combination of several of her signature workshops including ‘Living Wisdom’ and ‘Relax and Renew.’ Even if you have previously taken either of these original workshops with Padma you will be inspired and deeply touched to immerse yourself in Padma’s newest learning program.

Padma will have just returned to Canada from another year in meditation retreat and study in the Himalayas of India with her guru, and will share with you all her most recent teachings and revelations.

Padma will share wisdom, laughter and inquiry from three decades of direct study with a Himalayan meditation master, and will guide you to find your own lasting joy.

This is a blissful immersion in pure meditation, insightful discussion, eastern philosophy and psychology along with Padma’s unique style of powerful yet gentle yoga. Enjoy this rare chance to learn timeless knowledge directly transmitted to Padma from her guru in India.

Become a master of your mind rather than being overwhelmed by it. Be free from habitual negative thinking patterns and expand life’s joy. Explore how this powerful information is fully applicable in your daily life.

Hollyhock gardens

Hollyhock organic gardens and gourmet kitchen!


  • Manage Changes in Life
    •    Recognize stress-responses in your body and mind
  • Eliminate Negative Self-Talk
    • Develop effective skills to alleviate stress in your outer and inner environment
  • Enjoy Life Fully
    • Integrate what you learn into your life

3 specific learning outcomes of the program:

  • personal, direct awareness of the freedom and infinite possibilities in life
  • knowledge of the nature of the mind to create problems and how skillfully and effectively to overcome these
  • practice of techniques of health that will support a lifetime of wellness

How you will learn:

  • through dialogue and investigation with the group and with Padma
  • through practice of meditation and yoga
  • through personal introspection and contemplation
BC West Coast

BC West Coast. Sunny beaches and old growth forests.


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Mail: PO Box 127, Manson’s Landing
Cortes Island, B.C. V0P 1K0 Canada

At Hollyhock, tuition is separated from accommodations fees.
Tuition for the classes is $495 for the 4 days, paid to Hollyhock.
Register for tuition and accommodations both on the Hollyhock site, thank you.

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“See you in July!”