Mission Statement


“It is possible to become free from suffering.”

The mission of Padma Meditation is to present the possibility of being free, and to offer information and skills that cultivate and support enjoying life fully, and living in peace, health, love and happiness.

Padma Meditation, PM, offers original, high-quality and professional meditation, yoga and self-study programs and products featuring the unique PM Online Meditation Course, and the PM Facilitator  Training Program. These are designed to awaken the intuitive intelligence and clarify the mind. These simple, secular and effective programs and products  help deepen self knowledge, maximise efficiency, and alleviate everyday stress.

PM has programs designed for individuals, corporate businesses, athletes and health care professionals. Padma Meditation’s unique Meditation Facilitator Training Program and the workshops that comprise it, are the clearest, most practical and trusted meditation education in Canada.

Padma Meditation offers yoga and meditation on television, in an Online Course, in DVDs, and in live workshops and classes.